Hiring the wrong agent can cost you tens of thousands of dollars! I have seen it many times.

Remember you are hiring the face of your property. Your agent is the one who will interact with the public and other agents on your behalf.

You need someone who has been through the process countless times and knows how to sell your home to the public by having a confident and knowledgeable approach. My systems leave nothing to chance.

You also need an agent that knows how to effectively deal with other agents. I treat all my sales like I am selling my own property. I would not disclose personal information and I will only focus on all the highlights that your property offers.


Location is often one of the biggest factors in selling your home.

Whether it is proximity to transit, shopping or a specific school district, it plays a big role. For better or for worse, it is the one thing you cannot change. However, there are important factors that are within your control and when addressed properly, will help sell your home faster and for more money. I like to apply, what I call, the PACE principle.





These are things we can work in our favour to get the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.


Today’s buyers are very educated. With all the information that is now available online, right or wrong, they feel they know what homes are worth in your area. Don’t forget, buyers are comparison shoppers. They will hold your home up against other competing properties, as well as other recently sold properties. If you are priced too high, you are missing your target audience. As a result, your home will stay on the market for a longer time and will eventually become ‘stale’. Even though there may be nothing wrong with your home, the first questions buyers ask about a home that has been on the market for a long time is, “What’s wrong with that home? Why hasn’t it sold yet?” Proper pricing creates a buzz for your property.

As an expert, I know how to get you top dollar for your home and that includes marketing it at the right price.


In today’s fast paced world, prospective buyers want to view your property on their schedule. While this may be an inconvenience to you in the short term, the more people that see your home the better.

When buyers are refused appointments, they get frustrated and often move on to other properties. Buyers look more positively on a home they can view with ease. However, when there are limitations, a showing schedule can be created.

With RE/MAX Hallmark’s state of the art appointment system, we make the showing process very simple. Agents have access to appointments by phone, email or text message so that our offices don’t even need to be open for buyers to view and ultimately buy your home.



     First impressions are very important. Buyers looking for a turn-key

property tend to spend the most money. People will spend more if they see exactly what they want, not what could be. Homes that are well

maintained and presented with care sell faster and for more money.

Take advantage of the free staging we provide. It may be as simple as de-cluttering, rearranging some furniture or some fresh paint. Either way, I am here to help make the first impression of your home one that people are excited about.

I have an extensive list of qualified referrals to help you take on any job.

Sometimes the little things make all the difference...



The more people that know you’re home is for sale the better chance you have of selling it.

Our listing syndication system puts your property on thousands of websites nationally and internationally. There are literally too many to name.

In addition we like to get the word out to the neighbours, if you wish. Just listed cards give your neighbours an opportunity to let their friends know about your property.

Not only will your home go on all my social media outlets, it will be distributed to thousands of other agent social media sites as well. Our shared listing program will bring potential buyers from other agents who we allow to advertise our listings.


It’s all about you!

What sets me apart from the thousands of realtors across the GTA is my commitment to service. My goal is to make the process of selling your home as smooth and stress free as possible.

I treat every sale as if I were selling my own property. No stone goes unturned and attention to detail is everything.

I fight for your money like I am fighting for my own.

When I list your property, my focus is not my own self promotion. My goal is to sell your property quickly, for the most money and make the transaction a positive and exciting experience for all those involved. Because the majority of my clients come from

repeat and referral business, my business can only survive if I do the best possible job for you.

I understand that you may be too busy to worry about all the details. I spend my time so you don’t have to. I have sold countless homes and have systems and people in place to make the process seamless. I am always accessible and take a hands on approach when it comes to preparing your home for sale and beyond.

I spend more money than most when preparing a listing. Once we determine what is needed for your property I will take care of everything. The difference will be reflected in your sale price.

Below is a list of potential services

Staging & De-cluttering

Pre-listing home inspection

Junk removal



Order status certificate

Arrange for a professional photographer

Print highest quality feature sheets for prospective buyers

Professional floor plan drawings

Create a personal website for your property

Order and distribute just listed cards and open house invitations to your neighbours

Send just listed notification to agent database

Will make a schedule of events so you know how the process works up front

Review showing instructions with you and double check with office

Make copies of keys and install lockbox

Host an open house exclusively for other agents

Arrange public open houses

Qualify all prospective buyers

Provide consistent showing feedback

Be available to deal with all your concerns

Effectively negotiate the offer to get you the most money possible

Forward all documentation to my office, your lawyer and your financial institution

Help prepare you for the move by providing you with boxes and packing materials

Refer you to quality movers

Contact your lawyer prior to closing to make sure everything is going smoothly

Always be around after closing to help you anyway I can

*I will always keep your personal information and circumstances confidential